About US

Aztec Asbestos Removal LLC is a local business in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are located in Minneapolis but do work all around Minnesota. We started in 2011 and have been providing excellent asbestos removal service ever since. We have withheld a rating of A+ through the Better Business Bureau reflecting our strict safety procedures and impeccable work ethic since 2013. We strive to offer excellent customer satisfaction by being very flexible and available, on top of making safety our #1 priority.


A lot of our business comes from mechanical subcontractors who do HVAC and or boiler system upgrades that find old equipment  containing asbestos that needs proper abatement and disposal.  We also work with flooring, siding and insulation subcontractors that need asbestos or hazardous material abatement performed with older building materials.  We also offer cleaning services for projects that require negative air pressure systems to help minimize indoor air particulates during the cleaning process. 

We are licensed in Minnesota and offer professional asbestos air sampling.